The boy who fell in love with a kiss 

Amidst the regular Monday blues
Reading the times,my daily news,

I see a boy across a rusty desk,

Fossilising a thought in a space grotesque.
In a scurry he waved a hand at me

His toned body was sharp, you have to agree

I responded with a confused smile

Cheery he stumbled down the aisle. 
The office intercom received a ping

His status read ‘with a deadly sting’

I laughed at the cheesy line I saw 

Yet was attracted by natures law.
We saw messages flow in and out 

From intercoms to mobiles up and about

A cup of coffee once in a while 

I sigh more often than giving out a smile.
Finally the unspoken silence was broken

His offer was on his palm left open 

A kiss was all he asked me for

My mind and heart were like colonies at war.
Unexpectedly I said I will give it a thought

For he liked me dearly but his roots were distraught

Not having any hopes I said okay

Thinking we’re tough, we met at the lonely hallway.
Walking around without uttering a word

He took courage, breathed and stirred 

Folding his arms around my waist

Pulling into a kiss, my nerves were embraced.
‘Heaven’ is what screamed inside my head,

That kiss caught our skin flushed in savage red

When we withdrew, we could only sigh

It was one of our best and will be till we die.
For days we never spoke again, 

Only some glances were enough to complain,

We needed some more of that sweet memory

Too bad he asked for a ‘one-time-we-can-ever-be’.
At last he directed me to a cornered wall,

He told me his griefs – he told me all,

He confessed his love for me right there

They say sorrow dwells everywhere!
I denied my feelings and disagreed to his,

That kiss was the only real biz

He asked for it and hoped it’ll be only this,

And now he’s the boy in love with a kiss!

-Adelene Coelho

My Bucket List!

It begins with getting on a plane to London

Walking the streets, my dreams can’t be undone,

And then to go bungee jumping in New Zealand

Trying to make my name in the Northern Island.
I want to visit the seven wonders of the world

Because among the stones, they are pearled,

Be it the Taj Mahal, or Colosseum with extensive view,

I wish to survey all of them from China To Peru.
Take a scuba diving class and swim with the sharks

Go sky diving where the horizon leaves marks

Quad biking in the desert with camel races,

I’m storming my brain with these ultimate chases.
The pyramid of Giza and hanging gardens of Babylon,

The light of Alexandria only says my travel is on,

Crumbled in a fernweh, I have to head out 

To join the fortune of travelling about. 
From Hawaii to the massive Victoria Falls, 

The northern lights of Iceland make the calls,

And then live in the Bora Bora water bungalow,

Do you feel my vibe? I’m letting it flow!
From the hot bright sun of the Middle East,

The desert sands and falconry are a feast,

To the Cold, sharp, melting glaciers of Antarctic,

It’s an open road from Australia to Artic.
-Adelene Coelho


“Hello? Can you hear me?

I’m trapped in here!”

No one heeds my plea 

No one’s anywhere near. 
The walls are mounted so high 

I cannot even climb them down 

Each night just rides by

I’m still wearing a thorns’ crown.
Does my voice reach your ears?

Can you listen to what I speak ?

Again I only melt into tears

Smothered in errors, feeble and weak.
I watch the world move on outside,

My days pass by in solitude 

I’m dying everyday on the inside

Yet breathing on hope to be renewed.
Each day is so familiar 

I’m stepping into the same hallway

Unwashed and quite peculiar

I stroll around planning to run-away.
There’s suicidal in my eyes

As they blink endlessly all day

I watch as my soul gently dies

Trapped is how I’ll have to stay.
-Adelene Coelho

Tea or Coffee

All of Mankind can’t get over one thing,

Be it a dewy night or the bright morning,

Is, if coffee is better or Tea takes the medal

At no point could this debate ever settle.

When the world is at odds and the mind is at sea

We tend to seize the day and brew some tea,

But, if the coffee beans fragrance is passed over

Me and myself turn into this reckless rover!

Every other day we have a huge fall out,

I’m sure you know what the fuss is all about

A part of me loves coffee, the other is all for tea

And that is the only reason we wouldn’t agree.

Now let me tell you a tiny little secret,

I’m sure you’ll want to try and believe it,

The world is living on this giant seesaw

Where coffee and tea, are lovers and hee haw!

From frappe, Americano, cappuccino to Latte

In Starbucks, Caribou or Costa-your favourite cafe,

There’s also Jasmine, Green, Chamomile and Lemon tea

‘Oh Lord!’ What’s your choice going to be?

Let’s cut out the fight and enjoy the cup

Three Cheers with our hands lifted up

Because it’s happiness tasted and time well spent

Tea or Coffee, we’re here, gratefully present.

-Adelene Coelho

Secret Lovers..

I know you don’t owe me

And I shouldn’t ask for more

You’ve already set me free 

But it’s still the same as before.

I know I don’t own you

And maybe I never ever will

Yet we’re stuck on like glue

You’re my comfort still.

I shouldn’t show you what I feel

And I try hard not to do so

But it’s just as simple as it is real

Bitter as can be for one day I’ll be no more.
I know you love me certainly

As dark things are dearly loved 

In secret and in between, so personally

My soul and your shadow, beloved.

It’s only with the heart one can see 

Rightly, as the eye is invisible to all

So If you live longer than me,

Come to my grave n fill flowers at the wall.

Before the ending, I have one desire

If you can fulfil it just once 

Take my thoughts and make them your fire

Let no one know our secret dunce!
-Adelene Coelho 


The euphoria is feeble and soft 

Whenever you are in surround

It’s beautiful and I am always lost

Painting rainbows all around.

Your glance runs shivers down my spine

I wonder what your touch would do

Familiarising with your well made outline

If we kissed- God bless you! 

Each time you walk past me,

A sharp spark, flames, deep inside 

Knowing you’ll want to feel me in 3D

Cmon no more lies, you cannot hide.

When you take a step towards my seat

Or pull me closer in least attention

Have mercy on us! It’s nature’s heat

Sigh! Do…I…really need to mention?

It’s all in the imagination most of the days

I have no idea if it will ever get real,

We have eyes to wonder but time still decays

You’ve got the spirit kisses to print and reveal.

Boy we never stop to think that time is ticking

Yet you make us a sweetheart of a deal

Only our minds are rapidly clicking 

On hope of touch and kiss with nerves of steel. 
-Adelene Coelho 

So close yet so far

You’re like the instant camera

And I’m like your mini lense 

You wanna snap shot without stamina

But it doesn’t really make any sense.

Every division saw us grow together

Weaker in knees and stronger in heart

Our love is a mere affair like the weather

Spring or Fall, we don’t know where to start.

You want to be with me too, I know

Yet you want to dance to the other seasons

The quintessence of sprite, heaven will show

Between the fever and your reasons. 

You’re around me and we both know well

In pursuit of the thing, you want to stay

The worlds largest places cannot parallel

Being so close yet so far, far away.
-Adelene Coelho