A few little things

I cant make a list,
Of all about you,
So here’s a lil twist,
Honey, you’re my fondue.

When you say ‘dude’
Cuz your heart skips a beat,
For all i know you’d,
Hug me in retreat.

When you praise my smile,
And claim your love,
Its your unique style,
That defeats the stars above.

When you sigh in amaze,
To all the times we talk,
About us in sweet ablaze,
You’re the key to my lock.

You call me pretty and,
Tell me I’m the best,
The city can host a band,
‘Cuz with you I’m blest.

My list could go on,
More than yards can mount,
A few lil things dawn,
Just to begin the count.

-Adelene Coelho


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