If I call you more than twice,

I’m either on my period or just drunk,

My heart is sure not made of ice,

Yet every minute my fleet is sunk.

If I take your name all the time,

I’m either in love or just mad at you

Weighing how I survived in your crime,

Through all the skies that stayed blue.

If I speak to you and ask if you listen 

I’m just confirming I have your attention

Cause you never what you’re missin’ 

A thousand scandals in our connection.

If I look at you down the hallways

I’m only making sure you notice me,

It’s like a play we see at the broadway

The audience and host must always agree.

If I try hard to please you so,

It’s only because you’re special

I speak no more for none to know 

I regard it nothing as superficial.

If one day you feel nothing of the above 

It’s probably because I’m no more

My wishes were only for your humble love,

Same, as in the lives we have shared before!

-Adelene Coelho


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